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Mark Zuckerberg speaking art F8

Fortune: Facebook, Google, and Twitter Could’ve Prevented the Russian Ads. Why Didn’t They?

Representatives from Facebook, Twitter, and Google are set to face hostile questionsfrom Congress about how Russia used their platforms to influence U.S. politics. The ...
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Image of DNA

Fortune: When Baby Genes Are for Sale, the Rich Will Pay

Designer babies are coming in 20 to 30 years. Your children will be able to select, to some degree, their ...
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Tesla Factory in Fremont, California

Washington Post: How the United States is reinventing itself yet again

We have moved from the Great Recession to the Great Malaise. Despite massive government stimulus, the world’s largest and most ...
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Flint Water Plan

TechCrunch – To Prevent Another Flint Make All Open Data Machine Readable

The lead poisoning of the entire city of Flint, Michigan was preventable and should never have happened. Numerous pundits and ...
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Flippy, a fast-food making robot from Miso Robotics

LinkedIn – Robots Will Eat 3.8 Million Fast Food Jobs: The Question is Not If But When

Meet Flippy, the flagship robot of Pasadena, California company Miso Robotics. Flippy is a kitchen assistant who will man the ...
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Drone flying with GoPro camera

LinkedIn – Growing Trouble with Rogue Drones

The Western U.S. is facing a new summer of wildfires and drought. Unfortunately, the planes and brave pilots combatting the ...
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Huffington Post – We Should Absolutely Let the Robots Drive

A Google robot car was pulled over in Mountain View for driving too slowly. Yes, you read that right. The ...
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Alex Salkever has been a technology editor at BusinessWeek, a vice president of marketing at Mozilla, and a visiting scholar at Duke University.

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Alex Salkever AlexSalkever
Why any politician wants to tie their future to COVID denial is beyond me. The virus is clearly winning in Florida. https://t.co/JwMJCfdqrW
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Alex Salkever AlexSalkever
@pkedrosky This is also why I think e-bikes are such a game changer. For me in SF, they completely replaced any need for vehicular transport in the downtown areas
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