Fortune: When Baby Genes Are for Sale, the Rich Will Pay

Image of DNADesigner babies are coming in 20 to 30 years. Your children will be able to select, to some degree, their own children’s hair color, eye color, and, possibly their intelligence. How can we make sure that everyone benefits from these capabilities, rather than reserving them for those with more cash?

The affordable and effective CRISPR technique for modifying DNA has made genetic manipulation akin to cutting and pasting characters in a Microsoft Word document. Equally important, the cost of gene sequencing is dropping fast. It is presently below $1,000 for a human genome to be sequenced and should fall below $100 over the next few years.

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Washington Post: How the United States is reinventing itself yet again

We have moved from the Great Recession to the Great Malaise. Despite massive government stimulus, the world’s largest and most advanced economy continues to limp sideways. Unemployment remains stubbornly high. Growth remains slow and prospects for employment growth remain bleak. Wages continue to stagnate. Recent college graduates and young professionals may well be the first generation to live a life inferior to those of their parents, conventional wisdom holds. The United States has entered a period of slow decline, much like the sun finally setting on the British Empire in the 20th century. Read the Article.